Charting a Sound Course:
Project Support with maritime Experience

At sea, you have to put up with a lot of imponderabilities. The wind, the weather and the waves are already variable enough: but added to that are ever more laws, regulations, rules and market conditions – including strong competition and budget pressure.

Here it is important to keep right on track. Which may also mean getting a pilot on board to safely cross some difficult stretch. Someone who is able to see the position from a fresh perspective. Who will keep a good overview even in challenging situations, who can guide the crew to take consistent action, who can build them up and develop them further. And who sees to it that the common achievement will last.

Ideally someone who, from his own experience inside large companies, is well aware of how company buerocratie work. And who at the same time feels right at home in the maritime sector, because he used to travel the oceans and seas as Captain himself.

Let us achieve your goals together!

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