Right On Course:
Project Coaching and Project Supervision

It is not at all rare to get into heavy weather. Or to have to cross some uncharted shoals. In those cases it is sensible to have a pilot on board.

My services comprise:
• One-on-one sessions
• Workshops
• Project supervision

The benchmark: existing or targeted standards – they will receive all necessary complements or will be put into practice in the first place, respectively.

It is important to me to deliver, practical answers to practical issues, to solve all upcoming problems and to keep the overview even in difficult situations.

Sometimes a single conversation will suffice. In other cases it may make sense to get together several times at defined intervals. Conducting workshops with several participants may be helpful in getting the project underway and the whole team back on course. And in cases of project supervision, I will be on the navigation bridge, as it were, right by your side for a defined period of time.

Which measures will be the most appropriate for your project can only be determined in each case individually. I’m at the ready as your pilot!

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